Improving Lives 


With every coffee you purchase, we help a person in need.    







70% of our profits are given to good causes.


A lot of companies, and even charity organizations, seem to spend their money where it will gain the most publicity.
Our goal is not to use charities and disasters as a form of cheap advertising, but to spend money where we feel it can do the most good. 

We may sometimes donate to NGOs or charity organizations, but if we hear of a local doing his or her best to clean up a lake, or build shelters for refugees, or teach science in poor neighborhoods, we would love to do what we can to help. Our donations fall into these 4 categories:

Many of the world’s biggest problems are rooted in a lack of very basic education and young girls in 3rd world countries are the most at risk. 


We are dedicated to preserving wildlife in the regions we feel are the most bio-diverse and at risk. We can’t bring back what has been lost, but we can protect what is left.


Natural disasters tend to have the greatest effects on those least able to recover from them. Accordingly, we will set aside a portion of our profits each year.


Giving food, housing, and medical aid to the poor is helpful, but we view it as a temporary solution. We prefer to get involved in more long-term solutions.



“Not all of us can do great things.

But we can do small things with great love. ”


-Mother Teresa