2-2Education is the most powerful weapon

for changing the world


Widespread education is of course a cornerstone of development, but in the case of girls in third world nations, it is often a key to survival as well.



Unfortunately, in countries with low human development, less than 15% of girls complete a high school education, about half the rate that boys do.



While a lack of available education is a tragedy for any child, 

girls in these regions suffer far more ill effects
than boys do.

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Uneducated girls in many third world nations are more likely to be:


malalachild1Forced child marriage

malalachild3Sex slavery



We can stop this. 


A basic education is not terribly expensive, and has been shown to not only protect these young girls from these crimes, but also brighten their economic future as well.



And every time you drink Malala Coffee,

you’ll be a small part of that brighter future.