Disaster Relief











Do you remember the disaster?


It was everywhere in the media a while ago, about how they lost their homes, family, and hope.

But did you know that they still need help?



Sadly, natural disasters tend to have the greatest effects

on those least able to recover from them.






Accordingly, we pledge to set aside

a portion of our profits each year

for disaster relief.


Rather than short-term solutions such as temporary housing, we will focus on alleviating the long-term consequences of disasters.

Too often the world’s attention fades in the months following an earthquake or tsunami,
while the locals may struggle with its effects for a decade.



Robin has a wealth of experience with disaster risk reduction and international humanitarian response, having worked extensively with the UN and various NGOs.

When Vanuatu was struck by an earthquake, volcano, and cyclone in early 2015, Robin was on the scene personally assisting with relief efforts.







It was during experiences like these that he realized the advantages of setting aside relief funds ahead of time, so that assistance is immediately available in the crucial hours and days following a disaster.

We’ve seen the destruction that can occur in these vulnerable areas, so we will always do what we can to contribute.