Corporate Social Responsibility



We believe companies should give a large percentage of their profits to good causes,
and hope we will set a standard in the coffee industry.






Starbucks generates $16 billion revenue per year, giving only $15.9 million to good causes and keeping the vast majority for its wealthy shareholders.  In contrast, when Malala reaches just $50 million in revenue, we will be giving more than Starbucks to good causes.


We give to many good causes, but focus on education for young girls in 3rd world nations, conservation of bio-diverse regions, endangered animal conservation and protection, disaster relief and micro-economic regeneration.


Malala also believes in paying taxes.  Every country needs taxes to pay for schools, hospitals, road maintenance, etc.  Unrelated statistics: since its arrival in Britain in 1998, Starbucks has opened approximately 784 locations, has made £3 billion in sales, and until 2012 paid only £8.6 million, or .3%, in taxes. 


Malala believes both people and corporations have a moral obligation to think about the greater good, and although we give 70% of our profits to good causes, we will never avoid paying taxes through loopholes or accountancy magic.