Our concept




Providing the highest-quality specialty coffee

while saving the world



of our profits will go to supporting good causes


No other company that we know of comes even close to donating the percentage of profits that Malala does.
At the same time, we will provide fine exotic coffee products while giving our farmers the fair wages they work so hard for.



Our 4 Projects


Malala Coffee is especially interested in effecting change in the following areas:
education for young girls in the 3rd world, disaster relief, conservation, and micro-economic relief.




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Our coffee is from our hard-working farmers who produce the delicious beans. If you are sipping on our coffee right now, that means you are enjoying a tasty cup of coffee, and also helping thousands of lives to improve. To us, that means the world. We believe in teamwork, and it’s finally time to make things right.  



We believe every business has the responsibility to benefit the world.