About us 

We give 70% of our profits to disaster relief, conservation, micro-finance and education.

You drink, we sustain.

You drink, the world has hope.

You drink, we save the world.

We will never look for tax exceptions or avoid taxes.

 We focus on Thai coffee and our master roaster in located in Bangkok, Thailand. He’s also been improving coffee and other agriculture practices in the region, for 15 years.

We also have other coffee origins but Thai coffee is our main coffee and it’s great.


We started with the intention to create a large organic coffee brand, but have seen a much larger issue within the food supply industry. So we have taken the decision to re-brand Malala Coffee, which will re-launch in the near future, in a new way and our focus is now on a new company which will compliment Malala Coffee (to be re-named) and will make the global food supply chain much more efficient, while this will help farmers, deforestation and poaching issues. 

We want to set an industry standard for business, where our society and the world we live in, is just as important to us, as having a successful business. In 2012, Starbucks made £400 million (rev) in the UK market and paid £0 (yes thats zero) in corporate taxes, while the UK corporation tax rate is 20% or in monetary terms £80 million. They used some tricky tactics which are not illegal, but neither was it morally right to do so.  That could have paid for 3534 trainee doctors, 3706 firemen or 4127 police constables patrolling the streets or maybe 4-6 schools new schools could have been built. We don’t know about you, but we’re kind of fond of the future of our children and apparently some companies just don’t care. The point being, the UK gov is currently in massive debt, cutting emergency service personnel and slashing budgets because corporations are not paying taxes. There is no excuse to avoid these taxes and that’s why we’re putting 70% of our profits into fixing the problems others have created, as well as paying our own taxes, which we are happy to do. It’s not only the UK gov which has problems with companies avoiding taxes, but it’s a global issue and many companies are doing exactly what Starbucks have been doing. The ethics and morals of a company or a person are not measured by their actions when they get caught, but measured by their actions when they think they no one will ever find out. So no matter what Starbucks or anyone else does after being caught, you know who they really are and they simply don’t care about you and this is a systematic issue with stock listed companies. 

The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world,

are the ones who do. 

-Steve Jobs